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The world’s first hybrid bioprinting technology able to clone detail required to recapitulate hard and soft tissue for human organ simultaneously. We Developed Magical Organ Cloner (MOC) system with several state of art technology to print several materials such as hydrogels ,polymers , liquid composite, drugs and special cell medium  with unique intelligent  injection system. MOC is IOT system that could control the printing parameter automatically and it’s unique chamber is with incubation parameters so the printing time could be added and the patient own stem cells vitality is assured. The word’s first scaffold treatment with laser and plasma is added in MOC so the stem cell adhesion and fermentation were increase significantly.

The unique technique for separation and isolation of different stem cells with nano fiber scaffold is another incredible feature of MOC. This feature was developed by electro- spinning nano fiber texture scaffold printing system. Highly customized and physiologically relevant 3D human tissues form patient own CBCT, MRI and other DCOM files is converted and edited and the sophisticated printing process were done by MOC software and the final sophisticated organ will print. The Magical organ cloner Bioprinter  could print microfluidics that could connect to bio reactors to convey specific media for differentiating  stem cells for reconstructing complex human tissue and organs .


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