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The world’s first hybrid bioprinting technology able to clone detail required to recapitulate hard and soft tissue for human organ simultaneously. We Developed Magical Organ Cloner (MOC) system with several state of art technology to print several materials such as hydrogels ,polymers , liquid composite, drugs and special cell medium with unique intelligent injection system. MOC is IOT system that could control the printing parameter automatically and it’s unique chamber is with incubation parameters so the printing time could be added and the patient own stem cells vitality is assured. The word’s first scaffold treatment with laser and plasma is added in MOC so the stem cell adhesion and fermentation were increase significantly.
The need for replacing or repairing damaged tissues and organs becomes more perceptible every day. Hence, in recent decades, extensive research efforts have been undertaken in the field of public health for design and development of biomaterials with living scaffold to achieve biocompatibility and functionality goals but these products had major problems. The design and development of a fully integrated organ bio fabrication line or development of series of integrated automated robotic tools is imperative for the commercial translation of organ printing technology.
In this product with the help of a unique and innovative production technology, robotic rapid prototyping, electro spinning, laser and plasma surface modification and cutting, stem cell injection , the mechanical properties are optimally optimized and the organ regeneration becomes much faster due to a different hemoglobin structure and its novel production. Certain medications have been used that can provide a suitable substrate for the growth of real organ Brought up Contrary to the samples of artificial organ and implants on the market and laboratories. Novel 3D printing, stem cell rug delivery and Nano tissue engineering technology, so we could clone several smart bandages related to each skin or wound problem and practically simultaneous treatment of missing organ problems. The process of organ bioprinting is basically divided in four main stages, the first three being directly dependent on information technology: design (blueprint), printing, maturation and implantation. Organ regeneration is proceeding less than one months .Finally resistance to the infections, eliminates the patient's healing in a very short time, which is a magical vital feature of the product.
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