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Incubator chamber

The parameters for cells vitality during printing such as temperature, humidity and CO2 conditioning are controlled with this feature.

Fast and precise

This system could printer could print very fast same as pump injection rate and the accuracy is 0.0045 mm.

User friendly

MOC has user friendly software and hardwares that operators could easily learn how to bio print with MOC bioprinter.

Max Cell Vitality

cytotoxicity assay from among the many different options available can be controlled  via printing conditions setting and cell viability is increased significantly.

Laser & Plasma

This features would increase cell adhesion,migration and formation in scaffold layers.

hybrid printing

This is very unique option in this printer that could print various raw materials such as , polymers, hydrogel , composit .It could print micro Chanel and isolate nano fiber scaffold simultaneously.

The world’s first hybrid bioprinting technology able to clone detail required to recapitulate hard and soft tissue for human organ simultaneously. We Developed Magical Organ Cloner (MOC) system with several state of art technology to print several materials such as hydrogels ,polymers , liquid composite, drugs and special cell media  with unique intelligent  injection system.

Digital medical pictures toward real organs

The unique methodas from MRI and CBCT and etc, Boolean, scaling, smoothing, mirroring, or other operations to modify the CAD design ,and Data Process Systeme into a heterogeneous material and multi-part assembly model with MOC bioprinter




The specialized media and reagents fluids contains growth factors is transferred in micro and nano channel represents a bit, providing us with the capability to simultaneously transport materials for cell logical control for differentiation and tissue generation.

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